Monday, June 18, 2012

Auckland District RSA 4's Results

Trevor McFarlane, Frank Speight, Issac lewis and Mike Collett of the Mt Wellington RSA defeated Terry Constable, Peter Bloomfield, Lou Williams and John Tran of the Swanson RSA in the final of the Auckland District RSA 4's held at the Mt Wellington RSA on Sunday. Frank Speight had the highest start with 160 and highest score with 140. The highest finish was 112 by Russell Packard. Most 180's Tom Williams with 2.
Mike Collett won the championship singles defeating Joseph Gallina of the Avondale RSA in the final. Highest start 152 Issac lewis and 92 Emma Heavey. Highest score 152 Joseph Gallina, 140 Sonia Lewis.
Highest finish Mike Collett 108, 68 Jenny Heavey.
180's Frank Speight (2) Sonia Lewis, Lenny Lewis, Heemi Johnson and Mike Collett. It was the third year in a row Mike has won the singles.


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