Friday, May 11, 2012

Mike and Maine Win Holt Rose Bowl

Mike Day and Maine Ngametua defeated Dean Webster and Tanaya Wikaira in the final of the Holt Rosebowl held at West City Darts association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Monty Tuhua with Rita Wells and Peter Page with Olivia Curren. 13 pairs were entered.
A singles compettion was also held with 10 entries. Blair Hutchinson defeated Geoff Koster in the final. Third equal were Marc Skinns and Jason Amos.
180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (3), Dean Webster, Mike Day, Peter Page, Geoff koster, Blair Hutchinson(2).
100 + finishes were scored by Jimmy Hennah (104), Mike Day (120), Monty Tuhua (144), Marc Skinns (112) and Daniel Smith (130).
Club Night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome.

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  1. Does this mean your relinquishing your R/up spot Mikey?