Friday, May 4, 2012

Jim Holt Memorial Rose Bowl This Thursday 10/5/12

This Thursday, 10th May 2012, the Jim Holt Memorial Rose Bowl will be played for at the West City Darts Association club rooms. The trophy has been played for every year from 1970. Jim Holt was one of the early members of the Association and four generations of his family have played for the club. Jim's son Dave played for the club as have Dave's two twin sons Steve and Glen. Steve is a life member and is pictured with the Rose Bowl. Steve's son Campbell, aged 11, is representing the club and Auckland at this year's NZ Junior and Youth Championships as is Nathan Holt, his cousin and Glen's son.
The Rose bowl is an unusual type of mixed pairs competition. Female members of the club select a male from the club to play but then all names go in the hat and the pairs are redrawn. So you may end up partnering not who you came with. It is a members only competition but at the same time there will be a competition for non members or members who have not got a mixed partner. Registration is by 7.15 pm.
Stephen Holt is Club Co-Captain with Mike Day and has a been a member from his teenage years. He has been on the committee for at least 14 years. Two years ago he was made a life member for his dedicated service. He is still one of the hardest workers in the club. A few years ago he realised a long ambition and made the Auckland Region team to go to the NZDC championships. It was there he was given his nick name by two other team members Wilson Henry and Sam Bryant. He was christened Cha Wee Wee. He got this name because he is not that tall and it was easier to say than chihuahua. That is a small dog in case you do not know. He accepted the name in good humour and wears it proudly on his darts shirts. A few years ago Steve committed a very brave act when one night his neighbours house caught fire. He climbed through a bedroom window into a pitch black smoke filled room and found a young girl trapped inside. He was able to get her out through the window and then himself. She was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. He and other neighbours who helped were given an achievement award for their actions by the Ranui Action group.


  1. Good sh__ stevie, go ard man...

  2. Hi Pauly,
    Good to see you keeping an eye on west city. How are your darts going in Oz. weekly updates would be good

    1. Hi Mikey, Well not a great deal happening in Victoria darts, though I have been told its slowly been dropping off over time.
      I'm playing Wednesday nights in the Mornington league, its not a very high standard but right now Its good to get back into it.
      I will be transferring to another league soon as I have since moved into another area, I will finish up with the current team shortly, they need me to go to the end as they will be going into the play off's for promotion.
      I have a new team to go with in my new place so thats all good.
      Catch you soon......