Friday, April 27, 2012

Weighing Darts

The other night before a Moa Shield game one of our players, Bill Gregory, bought along some electronic scales. All the players weighed their darts to see if all three were the same weight. I had two barrels at 14 grams and one at 14.1 grams. The dart manufacturers for good sets of darts guarantee there will only be a maximum of .1 of a gram difference so I was pleased with that. I have heard of individual darts being up to 1 whole gram difference in barrel weight. Most players when purchasing darts do not check the weight with scales of the individual barrels but it is worth while doing. I do not think .1 of a gram makes much difference but 1 whole gram might. The player who had a barrel that was 1 whole gram heavier went back to his supplier and got a new set.


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