Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips From Robbie Grant

Over the weekend I had a chat to Robbie Grant. He has represented NZ 7 times. He went to 4 World Cups, three Asia-pacific Cups. He went and played in the International Dart league I think it was called three times when it was held in Holland. He also made the last 32 at the Lakeside World professional Dart Championships and played there. I think Peter Hunt may have been the only other player from NZ to go that far. He has won quite a few things over the years. Amongst them 2 NZ Opens, a NZ Masters, a NZ pairs title with Monty Tuhua. He won two world soft tip pairs championships with Bernie Smith. He was the first to throw a 14 dart 701 soft tip leg and held that record for a while. I can remember him winning at least one Japanese Open. He has been sponsored by Puma since 2002.
I asked him why he never played Chartered or Club NZ darts. He told me at his peak he was playing about 6 days a week in different leagues and tournaments in the Auckland area and they were NZDC mostly and he did not have the time to play chartered. At that point in time Chartered darts offered no path to represent NZ and play International Darts. The pendulum has swung a little the other way at present.
Rob has been a great mentor to younger players at his club and in the South Auckland area passing on his knowledge and experience. I asked for a few tips for those younger players. His tips were;

1. Find a good club.
2. Find a coach, mentor who will help you improve your game.
3. Never give up. If your desire is strong enough you will eventually get there.

I asked how he became a dart player. He told me he was a league player into his 30's when his mother's dart team was short and he was asked to play. He quite liked the fact he did not wake up the next morning with a sore body as he did with league and that was the beginning of his darts career. He gives credit to Peter Schmidt of the Onehunga club who helped him to understand how to use the various triples around the board in his finishing.

Rob will be playing in the Auckland Region playoffs this weekend.

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  1. Good on you Rob, your a legend Bro'