Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Funny Dart Story

Ron Glavish, well known Auckland Dart player, told me a funny dart story. One day he was the chalker in a competition match. It was a close game. One player left himself 170 to finish the leg and win the game. He went up to throw. The first dart hit the triple 20, the second dart hit the triple 20 and the third dart hit the bull. The player was very excited to hit the big finish. He did not pull the darts from the board but began to celebrate shaking hands with his opponent and receiving congratulations from on lookers. Whilst he was doing this he had his back to the board. Ron reached out and pulled the dart from the bull. He put it in the 25 against the wire. Eventually the player turned to pull his darts from the board. To his dismay he saw the dart was not in the bull but the 25. He was crestfallen. I do not know how long Ron let him think he had missed but it must have been very funny when he told him he had not.

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  1. Love it. Think I might have to try this one day.