Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finishing on 102

My preferred way of finishing on 102 is Triple 20, single 10 and double 16. If you miss the single 10 and hit a single 6 you get a second chance going for double 18. Recently I was speaking to Craig Caldwell, pictured, and he told me of a better way that gives a greater chance. It is a way I would not have considered. He prefers triple 16 to leave 54. With 54 and two darts you can go single 14 and double tops or you can go single 18 and double 18. If you hit a single 4 you get a bull shot with the last dart. Craig's method gives a higher percentage chance of success because if you miss the triple 16 and hit the numbers or triples either side you still have a two dart finish. With my way in going for triple 20 and a miss into triple 1 leaves 99 which cannot be finished in two darts. Of course it does not matter which way you go if you hit what you are going for. Some ways offer a second chance if you miss. Another way on a 102 which I remember being quite popular years ago which you do not see often now is shanghai on 17. I have seen some older players go that way.


  1. Which way you go is a bit of a mute point. You need to hit a treble to go out. Most players spend most of their time going for a treble 20 so why not start with that. If you miss and hit a single 20 throw for the treble 20 again. I believe % wise you are more likely to hit a treble 20 than any other treble.
    If you hit a treble 1, then you were never going to finish anyway

    1. Nice way of going. I guess the key for him is not to leave the dreaded 99 with 2 darts in the hand. I have done this a few times myself so makes a lot of sense. There is always a reasonable chance of hitting triple 1 when going for a triple 20 as its so close.