Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early Report North Island Masters

I have just arrived back from the North Island Masters in Hastings. I did not stay to the end but a friend has texted some reults. The men's and ladies singles were played today in the Hastings Darts association hall in Nelson Street, Hastings.

The men's singles was won by Peter Hunt who defeated Rob Szabo in the final. The ladies singles was won by Anna Neho who defeated Mabel Alsion in the final.

One new feature to the format trialled on Sunday was cards of 8 players all playing a round robin of best of three and the top 4 players going through. I thought it would take longer but it it did not take that long and seemed to work quite well. Some cards where players were tied for the fourth spot had a playoff for the spot playing one leg 1001.

On the Saturday three drawn pairs were run. The first was won by Mike Day and Peggy Wikaira. The second by Monty Tuhua and James Fergusson. The third by Craig Pullen and Peter Page.

It is not easy being an Aucklander south of the bombay Hills. Especially when the Auckland blues loose again on Friday night. One good thing for us Aucklanders was the special supply of that great beer DB Draught that was bought in especially for our sophisticated pallete. It was so pleasing that when I was told by Manawatu dart player Bill Fergus that my dart flights were Jaffa coloured I did not cry. I left the crying to the Auckland coach Pat Lam.

Pictured above is Rob Szabo warming up before the knock out round.


  1. Nice flights mate. What are they and where did you get a hold of them?

  2. Try Andre Albertyn, Weymouth Cossie Club 0224151617 OR They are a Cosmos Fit Flight made in Japan.

  3. Cheers. I have seen many players that I play against online use them and they swear by them. So I'll give them a shot.

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