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Thursday Night - Club Night

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Monday, April 30, 2012

This Sunday

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Series Stats and Points after 3 events

After three events held of the Super Series 57 different players have taken part. There were 36 in the first event, 38 in the second event and 41 in the third event. 50 x 180 have been scored with Monty Tuhua getting the most so far with 9. The most 100 plus finishes belong to Steve Hanley with 4.
Points are;
30 - Monty Tuhua
20 - Mike Day
14 - Mike Radford
13 - Richard Te Whero
12 - Steve Hanley, Geoff Koster
10 - Tony Lee
8 - Steve Holt
7 - Peter Page
6 - Jim Hennah, Ken Moir
4 - Andre Alberton, Gordon Comrie, Dave Owen, Blair Neverman, Mark Whitehouse, Marc Skinns, Peggy Wikaira, Phil Cave, Blair Hutchinson
3 - Lloyd Watters, Wills Teore, David Curreen, Shaun Duvall
2 - Colleen Curreen, Dean Webster, Deon Toki, Alan Rogers, Joseph Gallina, Ron Glavish
1 - Gary Whyte, Dean Faithfull, David Day, Jason Amos, Jenny Heavey, Tuli Tavetau, Lloyd Tomkins.
Current Prize Pool - $1075.
Next event; Thursday 24 May 2012 at 7 pm at West City Darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. $5 entry. All players welcome.

Finishing on 102

My preferred way of finishing on 102 is Triple 20, single 10 and double 16. If you miss the single 10 and hit a single 6 you get a second chance going for double 18. Recently I was speaking to Craig Caldwell, pictured, and he told me of a better way that gives a greater chance. It is a way I would not have considered. He prefers triple 16 to leave 54. With 54 and two darts you can go single 14 and double tops or you can go single 18 and double 18. If you hit a single 4 you get a bull shot with the last dart. Craig's method gives a higher percentage chance of success because if you miss the triple 16 and hit the numbers or triples either side you still have a two dart finish. With my way in going for triple 20 and a miss into triple 1 leaves 99 which cannot be finished in two darts. Of course it does not matter which way you go if you hit what you are going for. Some ways offer a second chance if you miss. Another way on a 102 which I remember being quite popular years ago which you do not see often now is shanghai on 17. I have seen some older players go that way.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Raffle Result

The above raffle was drawn last night at the West City clubrooms.

First: Marc Skinns

Second: Colleen Curren.

Third: Stacey Heavey

It was used to raise money for the Junior and Youth players going to Dunedin.

Weighing Darts

The other night before a Moa Shield game one of our players, Bill Gregory, bought along some electronic scales. All the players weighed their darts to see if all three were the same weight. I had two barrels at 14 grams and one at 14.1 grams. The dart manufacturers for good sets of darts guarantee there will only be a maximum of .1 of a gram difference so I was pleased with that. I have heard of individual darts being up to 1 whole gram difference in barrel weight. Most players when purchasing darts do not check the weight with scales of the individual barrels but it is worth while doing. I do not think .1 of a gram makes much difference but 1 whole gram might. The player who had a barrel that was 1 whole gram heavier went back to his supplier and got a new set.

Club Night singles 26/4/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Day in the West City Darts Association club night singles held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. Steve Hanley and Steve Holt were third equal. 33 players took part. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (4), Blair Hutchinson (2) and Blair Neverman. The best leg was thrown by Monty with an 11 darter where he hit back to back 180's. Club nights are held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

APDE Jim Stowe Mixed Pairs 6/5/12

L-style Shell Lock System

Click on the link below and you will see a you tube video of a clever dart flight locking system. I have not used them but they look worth ago. Apparently cheaper than the Cosmos Fit Flight system. 

If you want to buy them Lorene Earnshaw is selling them at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anzac Day

This is a picture of my son Peter who is in Afghanistan.

Kia Kaha son. Take of yourself. I look forward to seeing you when you come home.

Funny Dart Story

Ron Glavish, well known Auckland Dart player, told me a funny dart story. One day he was the chalker in a competition match. It was a close game. One player left himself 170 to finish the leg and win the game. He went up to throw. The first dart hit the triple 20, the second dart hit the triple 20 and the third dart hit the bull. The player was very excited to hit the big finish. He did not pull the darts from the board but began to celebrate shaking hands with his opponent and receiving congratulations from on lookers. Whilst he was doing this he had his back to the board. Ron reached out and pulled the dart from the bull. He put it in the 25 against the wire. Eventually the player turned to pull his darts from the board. To his dismay he saw the dart was not in the bull but the 25. He was crestfallen. I do not know how long Ron let him think he had missed but it must have been very funny when he told him he had not.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Region 2 Junior/Youth Fundraiser This Saturday at Royal george, Avondale Racecourse. Contact Lou Williams 0272936119

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early Report North Island Masters

I have just arrived back from the North Island Masters in Hastings. I did not stay to the end but a friend has texted some reults. The men's and ladies singles were played today in the Hastings Darts association hall in Nelson Street, Hastings.

The men's singles was won by Peter Hunt who defeated Rob Szabo in the final. The ladies singles was won by Anna Neho who defeated Mabel Alsion in the final.

One new feature to the format trialled on Sunday was cards of 8 players all playing a round robin of best of three and the top 4 players going through. I thought it would take longer but it it did not take that long and seemed to work quite well. Some cards where players were tied for the fourth spot had a playoff for the spot playing one leg 1001.

On the Saturday three drawn pairs were run. The first was won by Mike Day and Peggy Wikaira. The second by Monty Tuhua and James Fergusson. The third by Craig Pullen and Peter Page.

It is not easy being an Aucklander south of the bombay Hills. Especially when the Auckland blues loose again on Friday night. One good thing for us Aucklanders was the special supply of that great beer DB Draught that was bought in especially for our sophisticated pallete. It was so pleasing that when I was told by Manawatu dart player Bill Fergus that my dart flights were Jaffa coloured I did not cry. I left the crying to the Auckland coach Pat Lam.

Pictured above is Rob Szabo warming up before the knock out round.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Series Event Three

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Radford in the final of the Super Series Three event held at the West City Darts association Hall, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. Third equal were Steve Hanley and Ken Moir.
41 players took part. There were 22 qualifiers.
180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (7), Steve Hanley (3), Blair Hutchinson(2), Dean Faithful(2), Blair Neverman, Dave Curreen, Mike Mcleod, Phil Cave, Loretta Hunter, Mike Day, Lloyd Waters and Stephen Holt.
100 plus finishes were Mike Radford 100, Richard Te Whero 114, 126, Steve Hanley 122, 108, Ken Moir 128, 112, Monty Tuhua 101, 135.
Next week I will publish the up to date points list, up to date most 180's list and up to date most 100 plus finishes list.
Dave Curreen is pictured.
I am off to Hastings later today. There will not be any blogging over the weekend. Take care everyone and have good safe few days off.
Come on the Kiwis.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canterbury Open Queens Birthday

I am going to this one. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though they had a 5.1 earthquake on the Monday which sent a couple of Aucklanders running outside. An Auckland to Christchurch air ticket is not that expensive if you buy it early. We are going down early Saturday morning in time for the mixed pairs. I heard on the dart vine that Canterbury are getting the old Mosgiel 5000 ranking tournament yet to be confirmed by the NZDC. I would rather it went to the North Island somewhere North of Hastings like Auckland but if it is going to be in the South Island it is a lot cheaper and easier to get to for North islanders than Dunedin. It will probably mean more player numbers. Tonight is round three of the Super Series at West City. I will be there .

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

North Island Masters Singles Sunday

I will be going to the drawn pairs and singles over the weekend. Maybe I will see you there.

North Island Drawn Pairs Saturday

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ADA Pairs This Sunday

Monday, April 16, 2012

Region 2 Mens Playoffs

The Region 2 Men's play offs to select a team for the NZDC National championships was held at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui yesterday. There were 35 entered. A round robin of one leg 701 was played. The top ten with wins were Monty Tuhua (28), Tuks Weko (28), Rob Grant (27), Mike Day (27), Richard Te Whero (27), Cody Harris (26), Sam Bryant (24), Barry Kapa (23), Sonny Harris (23) and Blair Neverman (23). The Manager is Marsh Tamatea. Richard Te Whero scored the most 180's with 9. Play started at 10.30 am and finished at 7.35 pm. The ladies playoff was played at Cosmos Dart Association but I have had no results yet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Series This Thursday. Current prize Pool $865

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ADA Open Pairs 2012

Adult Child Pairs 13/5/12

Mike Doran Open Pairs 9/5/12

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Makes Light work of Night

Mike Day defeated Dave Cureen in the West City Club night singles, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Mike Radford and Deon Toki. 180's were scored by Mike Day (3), Steve Hanley ( The pirate 2), Joseph Gallina, Geoff Koster, Peter Page, Dave Ellis. Highest finish were Mike Day 106, Dean Webster 120. 32 players were entered. Club night is held every Thursday night from 7 pm.. All players welcome. Next week it is the Super Series Event 3.

2012 Maori Tournament

Pirate's New Dart Tattoo

A picture of Steve Hanley The Pirate's new dart tattoo. He has mirror image on other shoulder. Not bad.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latest DPNZ ranking Lists

The latest DPNZ ranking lists can be found by clicking on Capital Darts in the links to the right.
Craig Dunn and Warren Parry are tied at the top with 60 points. I heard Warren Parry will not be going to the Nationals in Blenhiem because he is going to have an operation on his shoulder and its his throwing arm. That is a pity because he is obviously in good form winning the DPNZ Southland Open and the NZDC South Island Masters in the same weekend over Easter. He would have been in contention for the DPNZ team to go to Australia and for the number one spot to represent NZ at the PDC World championships. Peggy Wikaira leads the ladies list with Rosalie Ritchie of Canterbury not far behind.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips From Robbie Grant

Over the weekend I had a chat to Robbie Grant. He has represented NZ 7 times. He went to 4 World Cups, three Asia-pacific Cups. He went and played in the International Dart league I think it was called three times when it was held in Holland. He also made the last 32 at the Lakeside World professional Dart Championships and played there. I think Peter Hunt may have been the only other player from NZ to go that far. He has won quite a few things over the years. Amongst them 2 NZ Opens, a NZ Masters, a NZ pairs title with Monty Tuhua. He won two world soft tip pairs championships with Bernie Smith. He was the first to throw a 14 dart 701 soft tip leg and held that record for a while. I can remember him winning at least one Japanese Open. He has been sponsored by Puma since 2002.
I asked him why he never played Chartered or Club NZ darts. He told me at his peak he was playing about 6 days a week in different leagues and tournaments in the Auckland area and they were NZDC mostly and he did not have the time to play chartered. At that point in time Chartered darts offered no path to represent NZ and play International Darts. The pendulum has swung a little the other way at present.
Rob has been a great mentor to younger players at his club and in the South Auckland area passing on his knowledge and experience. I asked for a few tips for those younger players. His tips were;

1. Find a good club.
2. Find a coach, mentor who will help you improve your game.
3. Never give up. If your desire is strong enough you will eventually get there.

I asked how he became a dart player. He told me he was a league player into his 30's when his mother's dart team was short and he was asked to play. He quite liked the fact he did not wake up the next morning with a sore body as he did with league and that was the beginning of his darts career. He gives credit to Peter Schmidt of the Onehunga club who helped him to understand how to use the various triples around the board in his finishing.

Rob will be playing in the Auckland Region playoffs this weekend.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This on Tommorrow night Wed 11th April. Disregard date of 10th

Region 2 Playoffs This Sunday

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finishing on 62

Recently I was playing a league match in the Wednesday night Auckland Chartered Club league for Onehunga Working Men's club against the Manuwera Cosmopolitan Club when I played Barry Kapa in a singles match. Barry I must say is a very good dart player and one of the better players in the Auckland Area. A few years ago when he was in better form he was runner up to Warren French in the Clubs NZ National singles. Some say he should have won he was playing that well.
In my game against Barry he went up to throw with 62 left. I expected him to try for triple 10 and double 16. This is what most players would go for. He threw at triple 18 and hit it. I thought what is he doing. He had 8 left and hit double 4 next dart. I thought who goes that way. That is the first time I have seen anyone go that way. If it is common in other places it is not common around here. I asked him why that way. It made sense when he explained that a single 18 left 44 which meant he could drop just below and hit a single 4 for double tops. Even if he missed and hit a single 18 it left double 13. First dart in triple 4 scoring 12 left 50 which could be 18 and double 16. The crux of it was most of the likely shots if you hit or missed were in that corner of the board and so handy to adjust and line up the shot. Barry is left handed and like most left hand players I know seems to favour doubles on the right hand side of the board. I do have a vague memory of someone telling me this way of going out before but this is first time I have seen anyone go for it or get it. Its a nice option from triple 10 and double 16 or triple 14 and double 10.
In the photo Barry has a shirt on with his dart nickname Mr Whippy. That name was not of his choosing. He told me that he has a ring tone on his mobile phone that sounds the same as the music from a Mr Whippy ice cream truck. One day the truck came down his street singing this music and he happened to be with some friends. Not realising it was the truck and not his phone he picked up his phone and tried to answer it. He was then christened Mr Whippy by his friends. Well I think they were his friends.

Early Report South Island Masters Pairs

Jane Harrington and Rachel Padget have defeated 6 to 5 Peggy Wikaira and Tania Neho in the South Island Masters Ladies pairs. In the men's pairs Bernie Smith and Beastie Boy were playing Keith Shepherd and Craig Ross in the final. I have not had any news on who won the mixed pairs.

Super Series Darts 19 April 2012

These excellent graphics courtesy Mike Radford.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Monty and Janelle Win Des Heavey Memorial Mixed Pairs

Monty Tuhua and Janelle Phillips defeated Marc Skinns and Jenny Heavey 3 to nil in the final of the Des Heavey memorial Mixed pairs held at the West City Darts Association clubrooms, Glen Road Ranui earlier today. Monty has been in good form lately but what was more remarkable was the playing of Janelle who is only 10 years old who held her own in the contests with the adults. Third equal were Tukina Weko with Dawn Tonga and Peter Page and Loretta Hunter.There were 35 pairs entered.
Mike Bullock and Pat Reneta defeated Lou Williams and John Tran in the consolation. The highest finish was 114 by Jim Hennah. 180's were scored by Malia Ioane, Jim Hennah, Nick Jatlov, Len lewis, Peter Page, Barry Kapa and Dave Ellis.
Nearly $600 was raised for the Region 2 Junior Youth team to go to Dunedin. $170 was raised for the Auckland Hospice.
The day was well organised by Raewyn Heavey and Girl Kahaki.

Early Report South Island Masters Singles

Warren Parry has defeated Tony Carmichael in the final of the South Island Men's Masters Singles earlier this afternoon at the Darts Association hall, Invercargill. Rachael Padget defeated Jane Harrington in the ladies final. Peggy Wikaira was third equal. The mixed pairs are being played tonight and the men's and ladies pairs tommorrow.

Early Report from Southland Club NZ Puma Open

Warren Parry won the Southland Club NZ Puma Open men's singles last night in Invercargill defeating someone called Craig in the final. I presume it was Craig Ross from Canterbury. I only have a text at this stage. Hopefully I have more information this evening.
Peggy Wikaira defeated Rosalie Ritchie 5 to 3 in the ladies final. The finals ended at to 10 to 2 in the morning. They seem to like their late nights down that way. Only two players from the North Island are down there as far as I know. That is Peggy Wikaira and Bill Fergus. If you are from the North, Invercargill is the most expensive venue to get to in NZ. The prize money is good though. So if you can win you will cover expenses.
When I get some more details I will post them. Today they are playing the NZDC South Island Masters singles. At the conclusion they will play the mixed pairs which will be another late night for the players. Tommorrow its the men's and ladies pairs. It is a great idea to have the NZDC and Clubs NZ events over the same weekend. Invercargill is the only place this is happening at present. This will be the first NZDC ranking tournament since November last year.
I will be at the Des Heavey memorial mixed pairs today at West City either on the bar or playing. Check in is by 10.30 am. See you there.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Monty Wins Club Night Singles 5/4/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Day 2 to 0 in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles last night at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Monty threw two 16 darters to win. He finished each leg on double 10 which is his favourite double. Third equal were Geoff Koster and Peter Page. Thirty players were entered and there were 13 qualifiers.
180's were scored by Mike Radford (2), Steve Hanley (2), Warren Farmer, Mike Day, Marc Skinns, Monty Tuhua, and Joseph Gallina.
100 + finishes were scored by Steve Hanley 106 (2), Mike Day 108, Steve Holt 102, David Day 120, Peter Page 120.
Clun night is held every Thursday from 7 pm and all players are welcome. Do not forget the Des Heavey Memorial mixed Pairs this Saturday at the clubrooms with 10.30 am check in.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Comment on NZ Masters posters

In the NZ Masters poster below the organisers have not said what the prize money is for each placing in the event. There is or was a rule from the NZDC that posters had to contain that information. Either they have forgotten or the rule has been waived for some reason. Personally I like to know what I am playing for. At the moment they can give the winner what ever they like. I hope they send an amended copy with the prize money for placing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nz Masters Posters

Monday, April 2, 2012

Taranaki Open This Weekend

Des Heavey Memorial Mixed Pairs This Saturday

Tokoroa $1000 Open Mixed Threes Results

Janette Jonathan, Bill Fergus and Jamie Smith defeated Peter Page, Peggy Wikaira and Maurice Wikaira in the final of the Tokoroa mixed three's 4 to 1 held at the Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club on Sunday. JJ, Bill and Jamie were too strong in the final. They won a similar event last year at the same venue. I believe there is going to be another in July. When the poster comes I will post it.

Twenty teams took part. 180's were scored by Whitu Taylor, Lou Tai, Sean Duvall and Peter Page. I think the ladies highest finish was Janette Jonathan in the final with 93. The consolation was won by Lou Tai, Mayreen Tai and Robbie Dick.

It was a most enjoyable and well run tournament. We left home at 6.30 am and did not get back home till 9.30 pm so it was a big day. I had scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast for breakfast at a Tokoroa Cafe. The baked beans came on a plate with the toast and not a bowl. So that was great.

Auckland Region 2 Mixed Pairs Results

Monty Tuhua and Jo Kinita defeated Tukino Weko and Hun Tepaki in the final of the Auckland Region 2 mixed pairs held at the TePapapa Bowling Club on Sunday afternoon. Third equal were Geoff Koster with Colleen Cureen and Brendon Kotze with Maria Siavale. The highest finish was 120 by Robert Grant. 180's were scored by Heemi Johnson, Tukino Weko and Geoff Koster.

There were 19 pairs entered and $600 was raised for the Region 2 Junior and Youths to travel to Dunedin for the National Championships. Well done to all those involved.