Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wayne Carey Dart Tips

While I was in Wanganui over the weekend I had a conversation with Wayne Carey. Wayne has represented NZ in three World Cups, one Asia - Pacific Cup and won a NZ Singles title. I asked him for a few dart tips. He has been playing as an adult for 30 years and keeps playing because he enjoys the people. He told me he was last selected at the age of 59 which would make him one of the older players to make the team. When he won the NZ singles he was in the zone and knew the darts were going in. He offered the following;

Be comfortable with yourself.

Do everything the same, same action, same attitude. Just like goal kicking in rugby.

Keep head still.

The hand or wrist over the elbow.

Be conscious of your technique in practice so it is automatic in competition.

Sometimes your biorhythms are not going to be in line and darts might not be there. Good players will hold there temperament and be consistent.

After a certain level it is what goes on in your head as to whether you are successful.


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