Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wanganui Open results

Yesterday I was in Wanganui playing in the Wanganui Open. I went down with Monty Tuhua and Peggy Wikaira. We were the only Aucklanders who attended. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in chasing points and making the Club NZ team or just anyone who loves a good game.

The event was held at the Castlecliff club in Wanganui and extremely well run by Dennis Hancock and his assistants. A great atmosphere amongst the players with great sportsmanship.

Monty Tuhua defeated Mark McGrath in the men's final 5 to 2. Monty won the first leg in 23 darts. Mark could not start. It took him 16 darts to get off the mark. In the second leg Monty finished in 19 darts hitting 56. In the third leg Mark came back with a 180 and a 17 darter. Monty hit a 180 in the next leg and won in 15 darts. Mark took the next in 21 darts finishing on 116. Monty got the next in 23 darts. Mark replied with a 23 darter and a 72 finish. Monty took the final leg in 17 darts with a 41 finish.

This has boosted Monty to second on the points table. There were 31 entries in the men's event. I struggled through to 5th equal. Bill Fergus and Leon Twose were third equal.

In the ladies there were 17 entries. A large group came up from Wellington. Chrissy Hay defeated Peggy Wikaira in the final 5 to 2. Peggy had some trouble starting in too many of the legs. This placing I think has put Peggy into the number one spot.

So not a bad effort from us Jaffas that did decide to go down. One curious thing though was the food they serve in these places south of the Bombay hills. We left Te Awamutu, where we spent Friday night at 5.30 am Saturday morning to get to Wanganui in time for the start. We stopped for breakfast at a cafe in Wanganui before going to the club. I had my favourite scrambled eggs, toast and baked beans You can tell I am not sophisticated in my eating habits even though I come from Auckland. The surprise was they bought the baked beans to me in a bowl and not on the toast as I am usually accustomed. This I thought it some abberation that must exclusively belong to the eating habits of the people of Wanganui. But no to my surprise upon our return that night we stopped at the Railway Carriage Cafe in the main street of Taumaranui. We got there at about 9 pm. We had not eaten since breakfast though I had many liquid beverages in Wanganui. No I was not driving. Yes again even though it was 9 pm at night I ordered my favourite meal of baked beans, scrambled eggs and toast. Shock horror again the beans came in a bowl. Now I am back in the wonderful city of Auckland where baked beans are only found on toast. Too bad about the rugby. We should not have put those two Wellington players in the team.

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  1. Good stuff Monty keep it up buddy...