Friday, March 23, 2012

Mike Day Wins Event 2 Super Series 22/3/12

Mike Day (12 pts) defeated Tony Lee (8 pts) in the second super series event final held at West City Darts association club rooms, 103 Glen Road last night. 37 players took part. Third equal were Monty Tuhua ( 6 pts) and Richard Te Whero (6 pts), 5th equal with 4 points were Marc Skinns, Stephen Holt, Mike Radford and Albert Albertyn, 9th equal with 2 points were Dean Webster, Blair Neverman, Shaun Duvall, Ron Glavish, Geoff Koster, Peter Page, Gordon Comrie, and Dave Owen, 17th equal with one point were Tuli Tauetau, Llloyd Watters, Wills Terore and Dave Curran

180's were scored by Richard Te Whero (2), Blair Neverman, Wills Terore, Lloyd Watters, Stephen Holt and Marc Skinns. 100 plus finishes were Tony lee 101, 115 Loretta Hunter, 130 Ron Glavish.


  1. Well done Mikey keep it up Bud...

  2. Big Gordy here folks, Just heard some bad news, Jocky Wilson died today, R.I.P WEE MAN you were and still will be a LEGEND! xx