Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Get A Second Life From a Worn Dart Board

Geoff Koster of West City Darts association told me that he got 6 worn dartboards from the Oasis Dart Club in Helensville and was able to renew them and have them looking and playing like new using the following method;

1. On a worn board usually the bull ring is loose. Geoff takes the ring out sands it, puts it back in. Then he gets a tube of Urethane with a thin nozzle and sticks the nozzle in between the ring and fibers in a several places and pumps urethane in. He then clamps the ring in place till the urethane which acts as a glue goes hard.
2. Next he takes any mounts or screws on the back of the board off. Then lays it on a flat surface and gets a piece of 16mm plywood that covers the top of the board. He then hammers the board with his hammer to knock the double and triple rings in flush with the bristles. Usually on a worn board these rings are protruding. He then goes around the outside of the twenty five ring and double ring inserting Urethane in between the ring and fibres using the fine nozzle so the rings are glued in place.
3. Whilst the glue is drying he gets some fluro green, dark green and bright red nail polish which he has purchased from the $2 shop and colours the red and green parts of the board. He mixes the two greens to get the right shade. He may use thinners to help the colour to soak into fibres.
4. Finally he gets some thinners and some acyclic lacquer clearcoat ( Used in spraying cars) and sprays it over the top of the board. The board ends up looking like new.

The whole process takes about half an hour and cost him $6 per board. He was fortunate in that he has the thinners and clearcoat in his workshop from his trade so it does not cost him for that.

He says the boards when used are quite hard but after they have been played on for a while they start behaving just as a new board would. The owner of the Oasis when he saw the boards returned thought Geoff had bought new boards.

The rings coming out of the boards can be a problem when they are worn. Someone did tell me that Sonny Harris ( Local Auckland Player) drives over them in his truck to get the rings back. That is kiwi ingenuity.


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