Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fit Flights

Recently I was sent some free Fit Flight samples from Cosmo Darts in Japan. This was courtesy of Mike Radford of West City Darts Association who established a contact there. Many thanks Mike.
What is unique about the flight stem system is that the flight has a hollow point where the stem slides in and is held in place by friction. I have been using the flights for more than a month and not one flight has come off. There are no rings so you do not get a dart caught in the ring on the second or third throw.
Another unique feature is the flight is one piece of moulded plastic and does not fold up. It keeps its shape better and I have found them very durable. I am still using the same flights I got 4 weeks ago. The stems last a long time because the end is not exposed to be hit by the second or third dart. The end is inside the hollow of the flight.
In the picture the top two darts have a conventional kite with the 4 fins. The bottom flight is a delta model with three fins. I have tried throwing with the delta but found them a little unstable and less forgiving than the normal 4 fin type. Their advantage is less flight for the second or third dart to deflect off. Probably with perseverance you could develop your throw to make them fly better. I just found if you were a little off in your technique they tended to hit the board a bit sideways. They also seemed to fly higher and land higher in the board than with 4 fins on the flight. Why that was I do not know. Maybe it is less air resistance.
They also have a stem and flight that spins. Peggy has been using that and found them quite good. They do not spin much if any in flight but when the second or third dart hits them they will move. So there is a little tension keeping them in place for the throw.
Overall I would highly recommend the Fit Flight system. They are a lot easier to assemble if your eyes are not good as the flight just slides on the end of the stem. There are less parts and they are more durable. These are the wave of the future. I can see the normal flight going the way of the feather flights. They are a little more expensive but you will not be purchasing as many.
Where do you buy them ? Andre Albertyn of the Weymouth Cossie Club Ph 0224151617 is the NZ distributor if you wish to order some. Target darts have a similar system but have a punched hole in the flight and a plastic/rubber ring. Those are good flights also but I rate the Cosmos Fit Flight system better as they have no ring and your second or third dart cannot get hooked up.

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  1. Have now tried These and i am very happy , tried to get in touch with Andre but nothing .I am now using deadeyedarts from Oz for my supplies.My ist set lasted just oone week till they cut up so i spoke to Jeff Smith a Cosmo sponsored player and he told me to slightly rough up the top and bottoms of flight with your nail or sandpaper to remove the sharp edges ,he has been using his current set 1 month and im sure he groups much bettre than me ,i am now 2 weeks in with flights and are in good condition and still on my 1st set of stems.The air system are better much thinner and lighter than the originals.
    John Kelly