Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distribution Of NZDC Ranking Tournaments.

At the moment there are 4 NZDC ranking tournaments in the North Island. There is the North Island Masters, NZ Masters, Auckland Open and Ted Clement (Levin) Open. In the South Island there are three. The South Island Masters, Canterbury Open, and Alan King Memorial ( Dunedin). The South Island did have 4 because they had the Mosgiel 5000 up until this year.
The NZDC is contemplating replacing it with another in the South Island at Canterbury. Meaning Christchurch may have two.
Of course the National tournaments alternate between the South and North Island each year.
If tournaments were allocated on a population basis then things are heavily skewed in favour of the players of the South Island. 76 out of 100 New Zealanders live in the North Island. This statistic from NZ Statistics. I do not have the NZDC membership lists but I would presume that 76% of dart players in NZ live in the North Island. If tournaments were allocated on a population basis the Nationals would be in the North island 3 out of 4 years and we would have more than one ranking tournament North of Hasting. Tournament allocation seems to be up side down.
There is a solution which would allow the South Island to have as many as it wants. I would suggest the NZDC encourage as many tournaments as possible. Open it up to anyone who wants to run one. Charge a licensing fee. It becomes another revenue stream for the NZDC. Make each tournaments prize money the same and to the same format. The market would rule then. Associations that could make tournaments economically viable would succeed and those unable would let their tournaments go. To me this is fairer than the system than exists now.
I pretty sure the people running the Taranaki Open wanted NZDC points at one stage and were turned down. In Auckland we have 1.5 million people and could run another 1 or 2 and make them work.
This is my personal opinion so if you do or do not agree feel free to post a comment.


  1. I like your thinking... it's progressive. It's ideas like this and their subsequent implementation that will help improve darts in NZ. I think we need more hard competition to help improve the standard, provide a platform for good young players to possibly progress on to the world stage in the future and put NZ seriously on the darts map. Hope the current NZ 'powers that be' have the same vision

  2. Good on you Pete, well said.
    I don't believe the current administration has the foresight to Implement such Ideas.
    There still stuck in the past, and thats my personal point of view...
    Cheers Pauly