Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NZ In World Cup Saturday

This Saturday, NZ Time, Preston Ridd and Warren French ( Frog) will be in Germany competing in the PDC Cash Converters World Cup. In the last PDC world cup in 2010 the NZ representatives were Phil Hazel and Warren Parry. I thought they played pretty well. They beat Poland 6 to 2 in the first round and lost to Wales 6 to 4 in the second round. The game against Wales was close and could have gone either way. Preston and Frog will play Austria in their first round game. It will not be easy as the Austrians are good players. If they can win that they will play the Netherlands which will be very tough. I hope they can go as far and further than Phil or Warren managed. Preston last year had an injury to the shoulder of his throwing arm. He was due to have an operation on it when I last spoke to him at the Club NZ nationals. Hopefully he is fully recovered and the throw is going well.


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