Monday, February 20, 2012

Phil Taylor to Tour Australia

Absolutely fantastic news from Dart Players Australia today, Phil Taylor, 15 time world Champion is coming to Australia in August and will be attending and playing at some events in the Gold Coast Festival of darts.

There was a rumour going about that he would be going but nothing was confirmed. This is the first time for him in this part of the world and is a real coup for Kevin Berlyn and the people at Dart Players Australia. Well done.

I am excited because I and Peggy have already booked for the the DPNZ tour to the Golden Festival of Darts. There were 42 seats all up but they may be more than half gone now. If you want to go and need all the details e-mail Dale Frampton at The details of Phil Taylor's tour are on the Dart Players Australia site. If you cannot get hold of Dale quickly enough e-mail me at and I will send you the info I have on the tour. The cost from Auckland with flights, accommodation ( 7 days), van hire and tournament entries was about $1200 .


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