Saturday, January 14, 2012

TJ and Tony Prevail

Tony Lee and Tauturu John defeated Richard and Rogere TeWhero 4 to 2 in the final of the Cosmos Mixed Pairs held earlier today at the Cosmos Dart Club, Avondale race course, Avondale. Richard and Rogere won the bull and threw first. They won the first leg in 18 darts, then the second in 32 darts. At this point something occurred which put the momentum back towards Tony lee and TJ. The chalker was changed and the playing sequence was changed. In the third leg Richard and Rogere should have started first but because the players and the chalker had lost track of what was happening, no one had marked the board as to who was first, Tony and TJ started and won the leg in 27 darts. That is one of my pet peeves chalkers not making a mark to show who threw first. It can cause confusion at times. I only realised it as a spectator when I checked the scores towards the end of the game. It was not the players fault they had lost track and innocently began the game out of sequence. They won the next in 18 darts with TJ finishing on 80. Then the next two legs in 24 and 22. TJ played particularly well finishing three legs. Richard scored a 180 in the first leg.

17 pairs took part and 9 qualified for the main round. Third equal were Monty Tuhua with Jo Kinita and Peter Page with Cheyene Wikaira. The highest ladies finish was 94 by TJ and the highest men's finish was 121 by Manu Mafilio. 7 180's were scored with no one getting more than one. Monty scored the first one.

The consolation was won by Manu and Faye Shearsby who defeated Ata Brown and Trina Lord.


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