Saturday, January 28, 2012

Richard and Malia win Puma Auckland Open

Richard Te Whero defeated John Sinclair 5 to 4 in the final of the Puma Auckland Open men's singles held earlier today at the Papakura Club, Croskery Road, Papakura. John won the bull to start the first leg. Richard finished on 36 to win in 25 darts. John started again and hit 68 to finish in 18 darts. Richard was to win the throw for the bull in every other leg. John hit a 22 darter. Richard took the fourth leg in 15 darts. John hit back with a 22 darter. Richard hit a 20 darter, then John a 21 darter. At this point the score was 4 to 3 to John. With John on 76 Richard finished on 116 to keep himself in the game. He hit Triple 7, Triple 19, double 19. In the last leg Richard started first and finished in 17 darts.
There were 30 players in the men's singles. Most came from the Auckland area, with one from Brisbane, some from Tauranga and at least one player from Hamilton. There were 17 qualifiers. Last year there were 36 men. The standard of darts was as good or better than last year. Richard defeated Ron Glavish in last years final.
Malia Ioane defeated Nga Smyth in the ladies final. I did not see much of the ladies darts but someone told me Malia was playing strong all day.

Third equal in the men were Barry Kapa and Mike Day, 4th equal were Monty Tuhua, Ron Glavish, John Kelly, Col Embrey ( Australia), 5th equal were Grant McGregor, Craig Dunn, Tukina Weko, Shaun Duval, David North, Gordon Comrie, Paul Uddenberg and Mick Lacey.
Third equal in the ladies were Mihi Pike, Rogere Te Whero. Fourth equal were Sandra Melgers and Sybil Pugh.
Whilst I was there Grant McGregor told me the following dart Joke;
A man was on his computor when his wife asked "What are you doing?".
He replied " I am looking for some cheap flights ".
She said " Darling how wonderful".
She grabbed hold of him and they made mad passionate love.
Afterwards he thought "That is strange she has never showed any interest in darts before".


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