Saturday, January 21, 2012

John and Sam Win

John Sinclair and Sam Bryant defeated Richard Te Whero and Monty Tuhua 4 to 2 in the final of the Swanson Pairs earlier this evening held at the Swanson RSA, Swanson Road, Swanson. Richard and Monty won the first leg in 25 darts with Richard finishing on 32. John and Sam won the next leg in 20 darts with John finishing on 92. Richard and Monty had the next in 21 darts with Richard finishing on 54. John and Sam took the next three in 21, 19 and 25 darts. A feature of the final was Richard starting all 6 legs and having the 3 dart advantage because he defeated John in the throw for the bull at the end of each leg.

37 pairs took part. 19 qualified for the main round. Third equal were Mal Berry with Dave Ellis and Steve Oversluizen with Andre Alberton. In the consolation Lloyd Waters and Mark Whitehouse defeated Terry Constable and John Tran.

Mike Day and John Sinclair tied for most 180's with 3 each. 18 were scored. Rogere TeWhero had the most for the ladies with one. The furthest ladies were Rita Wells and Jo Kinita. Last year they were runner-up in the consolation. This year they made the main round only to be defeated by the winners John and Sam in the first game. The highest finish was John Sinclair on 142. For the ladies it was Mereama with 70. The event was sponsored by Ritchies.

The day was well run by Girl Kahaki, Lou Williams, Raewyn Heavey and Lloyd Tonkins. The only hiccup was a late start with the first date thrown at 11.30 am. The final was played at 7.05 pm.


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