Thursday, January 19, 2012

Increased Prize Money Auckland Open

West City Darts Association have announced that they will be increasing the prize money for the Auckland Open in 2012. First prize for the men will now be $1200 and runner-up will now be $600. The ladies winner will now get $800 and runner-up $400. It is an extra $600 more than was paid out in 2011. A total of $3800 in prize money with money to first 8 places. Entry fees will remain the same. Because the event has been so well supported the prize money could be increased.

There will also be a staggered start this year with ladies to check in by 8 am and starting at 9 am. The men will check in by 10.00 am and start by 11.00 am. This will help avoid the delays of last year. It will mean each card has two boards to play on instead of one which will speed things up.

A poster will be available in the next few weeks once approved by NZDC.


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