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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tauranga Pairs This Sunday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Series Darts 2012

Entry is $5 per night. Play as many or as few times as you want.

DPNZ Dart Trip To Australia

A dart trip to Australia's Gold Coast for August is being organised by DPNZ. There will be up to 5 men's and ladies singles tournaments to play over a week. Plus you will see NZ play Australia in a darts test. DPNZ are offering a limited number of packages that cover air travel, transfers, accommodation and entry fees. More detail can be found by contacting via e-mail Dale Frampton at or you can e-mail me at I can send you details. There is quite a bit of interest and spots are already booked so if you are keen contact Dale. There is a possibility of some top English professionals attending. I went on such a trip 3 or 4 years ago and had a great time. That time Ronnie Baxter, James Wade and a few others were there. No guarantee of that this time though but I think they are trying to make it happen. I am going again and have booked for Peggy and myself.


The first APDE ladies shield challenge of the year is Cosmos ( the holders) versus Onehunga on 12 February 2012.

The first APDE mens Renee Stacey challenge is City Of Sails ( the holders) versus Counties Manukau on 26 February 2012.

The APDE AGM is being held at West City Darts Association, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on 4 March at 2 pm.

Terry and Trish win Tarzan and Jane

Tery Constable and Trish Collins defeated Stephen Holt and Rita Wells in the final of the Tarzan and Jane mixed pairs held yesterday afternoon at West City Darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. The consolation was won by Rob and Jeanette Scott who defeated Dion Kini and Georgie Levi. The highest finish was Peggy Wikaira with 116. The highest score was 150 by Olivia Cureen. 180's were scored by Terry Constable (2), Peter Page and Llloyd Waters. 21 teams took part. In the picture Rob Scott retrieves his darts and Dave Curreen chalks.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Richard and Malia win Puma Auckland Open

Richard Te Whero defeated John Sinclair 5 to 4 in the final of the Puma Auckland Open men's singles held earlier today at the Papakura Club, Croskery Road, Papakura. John won the bull to start the first leg. Richard finished on 36 to win in 25 darts. John started again and hit 68 to finish in 18 darts. Richard was to win the throw for the bull in every other leg. John hit a 22 darter. Richard took the fourth leg in 15 darts. John hit back with a 22 darter. Richard hit a 20 darter, then John a 21 darter. At this point the score was 4 to 3 to John. With John on 76 Richard finished on 116 to keep himself in the game. He hit Triple 7, Triple 19, double 19. In the last leg Richard started first and finished in 17 darts.
There were 30 players in the men's singles. Most came from the Auckland area, with one from Brisbane, some from Tauranga and at least one player from Hamilton. There were 17 qualifiers. Last year there were 36 men. The standard of darts was as good or better than last year. Richard defeated Ron Glavish in last years final.
Malia Ioane defeated Nga Smyth in the ladies final. I did not see much of the ladies darts but someone told me Malia was playing strong all day.

Third equal in the men were Barry Kapa and Mike Day, 4th equal were Monty Tuhua, Ron Glavish, John Kelly, Col Embrey ( Australia), 5th equal were Grant McGregor, Craig Dunn, Tukina Weko, Shaun Duval, David North, Gordon Comrie, Paul Uddenberg and Mick Lacey.
Third equal in the ladies were Mihi Pike, Rogere Te Whero. Fourth equal were Sandra Melgers and Sybil Pugh.
Whilst I was there Grant McGregor told me the following dart Joke;
A man was on his computor when his wife asked "What are you doing?".
He replied " I am looking for some cheap flights ".
She said " Darling how wonderful".
She grabbed hold of him and they made mad passionate love.
Afterwards he thought "That is strange she has never showed any interest in darts before".

Friday, January 27, 2012

West City Club Night 26/1/12

Dean Webster defeated Deon Toki in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles last night. 23 players took part. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (3), Blair Neverman (2), Deon Toki (2), Peter Page, Steve Hanley and Dean Webster. Highest finishes were Peter Page 112, Marc Skinns 114 and Nathan Holt 115.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Auckland Events February 2012

2. Saturday 4/2, ADA AGM Cosmos 10.30 am

3. Sunday 5/2, R2 AGM at Bellbird 11 am.

4. Saturday 11/2 Clubs NZ mixed Pairs Papakura Club Entries close 1 pm

5. Saturday 18/2 Clubs NZ men's and ladies pairs Otahuhu WMC, entries close 1 pm

6. Thursday 22/2 Super Series Darts Event 1, West City Darts Assoc. Enter by 7.15 pm

7. Saturday 25/2 Club's NZ men's and ladies singles, Papakura club enter by 1 pm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clubz NZ Auckland Area Champs February

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waikato Open Saturday 4/2/12 at Tauranga Citz Club 10.30 check in

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tarzan and Jane Mixed Pairs This Sunday

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Auckland Puma Open This Saturday

Saturday, January 21, 2012

John and Sam Win

John Sinclair and Sam Bryant defeated Richard Te Whero and Monty Tuhua 4 to 2 in the final of the Swanson Pairs earlier this evening held at the Swanson RSA, Swanson Road, Swanson. Richard and Monty won the first leg in 25 darts with Richard finishing on 32. John and Sam won the next leg in 20 darts with John finishing on 92. Richard and Monty had the next in 21 darts with Richard finishing on 54. John and Sam took the next three in 21, 19 and 25 darts. A feature of the final was Richard starting all 6 legs and having the 3 dart advantage because he defeated John in the throw for the bull at the end of each leg.

37 pairs took part. 19 qualified for the main round. Third equal were Mal Berry with Dave Ellis and Steve Oversluizen with Andre Alberton. In the consolation Lloyd Waters and Mark Whitehouse defeated Terry Constable and John Tran.

Mike Day and John Sinclair tied for most 180's with 3 each. 18 were scored. Rogere TeWhero had the most for the ladies with one. The furthest ladies were Rita Wells and Jo Kinita. Last year they were runner-up in the consolation. This year they made the main round only to be defeated by the winners John and Sam in the first game. The highest finish was John Sinclair on 142. For the ladies it was Mereama with 70. The event was sponsored by Ritchies.

The day was well run by Girl Kahaki, Lou Williams, Raewyn Heavey and Lloyd Tonkins. The only hiccup was a late start with the first date thrown at 11.30 am. The final was played at 7.05 pm.

Friday, January 20, 2012

West City Club Night 19/1/12

Mike Day and Kristal McDermott won the West City Darts association club drawn pairs defeating Tony Lee and David Day in the final. 26 players entered. 180's were scored by Gordon Comrie (2), Peter Page and Mike Day. 100+ finishes Gordon Comrie 101, David Day 114, Dean Webster 126.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome. The clubrooms are situated at 103 Glen Road, Ranui.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Increased Prize Money Auckland Open

West City Darts Association have announced that they will be increasing the prize money for the Auckland Open in 2012. First prize for the men will now be $1200 and runner-up will now be $600. The ladies winner will now get $800 and runner-up $400. It is an extra $600 more than was paid out in 2011. A total of $3800 in prize money with money to first 8 places. Entry fees will remain the same. Because the event has been so well supported the prize money could be increased.

There will also be a staggered start this year with ladies to check in by 8 am and starting at 9 am. The men will check in by 10.00 am and start by 11.00 am. This will help avoid the delays of last year. It will mean each card has two boards to play on instead of one which will speed things up.

A poster will be available in the next few weeks once approved by NZDC.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


DPNZ are in the process of developing a new website. When its established I will let you know. It will have all the ranking tables, posters of events and other information. In the interim go to .There is a link on the right hand side of the page. Big Ken is posting DPNZ information there. They have got some exciting developments coming up. I believe there is going to be more prize money, there is going to be a darts tour for players and supporters to Australia in August to play in the Australian Open and other events which can be booked through DPNZ, that will be limited to the first 44 and will include entry fees, accommodation and travel, plus women's events. At the same time attending the tournament, yet to be confirmed, will be some leading dart professionals from the UK. As information comes to hand I will do some posting here. Mean time have a look at Big Ken's site if you wish to see what is happening with DPNZ. When it's own site is established I will put up a link to the web address. Above is Preston Ridd who who will be travelling with Warren French to represent NZ in the World Cup in Germany.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swanson Pairs This Saturday

Monday, January 16, 2012

Darts Tattoo

Whilst playing darts on the weekend I saw the above darts tattoo. It is one of the better ones with a dart theme I have seen. The leg belongs to Lloyd Waters.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

TJ and Tony Prevail

Tony Lee and Tauturu John defeated Richard and Rogere TeWhero 4 to 2 in the final of the Cosmos Mixed Pairs held earlier today at the Cosmos Dart Club, Avondale race course, Avondale. Richard and Rogere won the bull and threw first. They won the first leg in 18 darts, then the second in 32 darts. At this point something occurred which put the momentum back towards Tony lee and TJ. The chalker was changed and the playing sequence was changed. In the third leg Richard and Rogere should have started first but because the players and the chalker had lost track of what was happening, no one had marked the board as to who was first, Tony and TJ started and won the leg in 27 darts. That is one of my pet peeves chalkers not making a mark to show who threw first. It can cause confusion at times. I only realised it as a spectator when I checked the scores towards the end of the game. It was not the players fault they had lost track and innocently began the game out of sequence. They won the next in 18 darts with TJ finishing on 80. Then the next two legs in 24 and 22. TJ played particularly well finishing three legs. Richard scored a 180 in the first leg.

17 pairs took part and 9 qualified for the main round. Third equal were Monty Tuhua with Jo Kinita and Peter Page with Cheyene Wikaira. The highest ladies finish was 94 by TJ and the highest men's finish was 121 by Manu Mafilio. 7 180's were scored with no one getting more than one. Monty scored the first one.

The consolation was won by Manu and Faye Shearsby who defeated Ata Brown and Trina Lord.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cosmos Mixed Pairs 14 January 2012

Just found out about this. So sorry for late notification. Entry fee gives automatic entry into consolation.

West City Darts Association Club Night Starts 19/1/12

West City Darts Association club nights recommence Thursday, 19th January 2012, at 7pm at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. All members, non-members, old and new players are welcome. A drawn pairs or handicap singles will be played. $3 entry.

Club subs of $50 are due for the new season. See Club Captain Steve Holt re being put in a team for Friday night league or for a team for ADA league on Saturday. If there is enough interest teams can be entered for the City of Sails Saturday League or the Auckland Chartered Clubs Saturday league.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NZ Herald Article on Darts

The PDC world champs being shown on TV has boosted interest in Darts in NZ. Go to

to see an article on the subject in todays NZ Herald.

If it does not come up check entertainment section and see article headed " When darts is best thing on TV ".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Royal George Open Wednesday 11/1/12

For those hanging out for a game of darts after the Christmas Break the Royal George dart Club, Avondale race course will be open this Wednesday from 7 pm for anyone who wants a a game. Entry is $3.

Monday, January 9, 2012

World Cup Darts

Last night at 8.30 pm I was listening to Radio Sport when they interviewed Warren French ( Frog ) NZ's PDC World Darts Championship representative about his experience playing in this year's tournament. If you want to listen to the interview go to and click on Sunday night 8.30 pm.

Warren mentions that he and Preston Ridd are to be NZ representatives at the PDC World Cup in Germany in February.

Just talking about the PDC world champs there was coverage on TV One news sports a few times whilst I was watching and I have spoken to a lot of people who watched the Sky coverage who are not dart players or fans. Sky have given darts a boost in NZ.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

ADA AGM is 4/2/12

Friday, January 6, 2012

Percentage Darts

In my opinion there are four things you need to be a competitive dart player. One of those things is to be a good counter . I have seen a lot of games lost because a player has lost count or has a poor understanding of what is the best way to finish in certain circumstances depending on how many darts you have in your hand.
There are some ways to finish that give you a greater percentage chance of finishing than others. Any finish is good when you hit what you are going for it is when you miss that there is a problem. Percentage darts is choosing a finish that still gives the possibility of a finish even if you miss.

An example might be finishing 17 by hitting a single 9 and then a double 4. This way gives you a higher chance of success if you miss with your first dart than if you go the single 1 double 8 route. Going for single 1 you might miss and hit a single 18 or 20 meaning you are bust and cannot throw your last two darts. If you go for a single 9 and hit a single 14 or 12 you still have an out option with the remaining two darts because you have not busted.

On the top right hand side of this page is a link to Finishing ways which gives quite a few options for three dart finishes based on percentage chance of success.

In watching the PDC world championships just recently it was interesting to see some of the options the top players took. I would regard myself as an above average counter but not exceptional. I still loose my way occasionally and don't really start counting much until I am 270 or below. I noticed with Simon Whitlock as example that he was counting from much further out. I watched him quite a few times when starting a leg throw a single 20, triple 20 and then triple 17 to leave 370. He obviously is trying to leave a number that will break down with two more 100 scores to leave the finish of 170 and the possibility of a 12 darter. You probably need this advanced counting at that level where your opponent may have thrown first and is probably going to finish in 15 darts. You need a 12 darter to steal the leg against the throw.

On a few more occasions I saw players left with 302 throw for the triple 18 rather than triple 20 when they had three darts. They might hit a single 18 and then a triple 18, then a triple 20 to score 132 to leave 170. The option of staying on the 20 and getting 140 only leaves 162 and not a finish. Of course a 180 leaves 122. Perhaps they see it as a better percentage option to go the triple 18 route. Three triple 18's scores 162 and leaves 140.

There was a few times I saw players with two darts left and a finish of 61 or 65 remaining go for the 25 and double 18 or 25 and double 20 route. Each time they went for it with those last two darts they hit the bulls eye meaning they could not finish with the last dart. If they had gone the single 11 or single 15 bull route they would still have had a shot at the double. I have noticed that Phil Taylor when left with three darts and a finish of 61 or 65 does not throw for the 25 to leave a double. He in the times I have watched him will go for a triple and then double giving himself the option of a single, a single and a double. He seems to be the only one who does that. One thing I have noticed in practise to finish on 61 and 65 with three darts and going the 25 double route if you miss the 25 and hit a single you have to pause to think where the second dart goes and it is not automatic. So perhaps going Phil Taylor's way makes shot selection more automatic when you hit the single instead of the triple because you know what is coming next and you stay in your rhythm and throw without pause or thought.

Another thing that I thing is important to be a good dart player is technique. Every single player who plays darts throws in a unique and individual way. No two players throw the same though in good players there tends to be some basic things they all share. The body does not move much on the ochre as an example. They are well anchored in their stance. In watching the PDC final between Andy Hamilton and Adrian Lewis there were I think two contrasting styles. Andy Hamilton I thought had a more deliberate style what I would call a push. Phil Taylor throws a bit the same. While Lewis was more flowing and has what I would call a stroke. Gary Anderson throws similar. They were on stage throwing for about three hours. Prior to going on stage and playing they would have practised for a similar amount of time. The thought crossed my mind that the way Andy Hamilton threw would be more tiring on the arm and shoulder muscles than the way Lewis threw. There looks less energy used in the throw of Lewis. Both played below the level they had earlier in the tournament. In my mind I wondered if Lewis had a throw that did not tire as much as Hamilton and was this the advantage he had. Though Taylor throws similar and it does not seem to bother him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Events Januray

. Wednesday 18th January 7.30 pm West City Darts Association Committee meeting.

. Thursday 19th January 7.00 pm club night West City recommences. All players welcome at 103 Glen Road, Ranui.

. Saturday 21st January Open pairs at Swanson RSA 10 am check in. 11 am start.

. Saturday 28th January Men's and Ladies Singles, Puma Open, Papakura Club 11 am start. DPNZ points.

. Saturday 28th January NZDC AGM in Christchurch.

. Sunday 29th January Tarzan and Jane Mixed Pairs, West City Darts Association, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. 12.00 noon check in. 12.30 pm start.