Wednesday, December 7, 2011

World Cup Statistics

NZ never sent a team to the World Cup of Darts this year because of the financial cost. If we sent a team how would it have gone. Looking at the stats for the men's singles the three dart average over 152 players was 73.30. We certainly have the players who can match and beat that. The top individual average over all his games was Scott Waites of England with 98.02. We have players who can play at that level spasmodically but not consistently leg after leg. So the NZ men would have been middle of the bunch or a little higher. Not too bad for our small country.

In the ladies we would have done a lot better. Over 70 ladies in the ladies singles the average was 58.60 with the highest individual average 77.89. We certainly have lady players who play above 58.60 consistently and to the higher level. One in particular Janette Jonathan. So maybe the NZDC should have just sent the ladies.

The next World Cup is in Canada in 2013. I very much hope we send a team for that one. I would urge the NZDC if finance is an issue in 2013 to ask each players region and association to get in behind each player and pay some of the cost. I know in the Auckland area we would certainly do that for one of our own and the other regions I am sure feel the same.

I think it is very important to keep sending players to the World Cup and Asia Pacific cup as it is the only international darts we can off er our players and gives our top players a higher goal than what is available locally. When you look back NZ has had some terrific results in those events. So we can compete.

In Australia they send their number one lady and male player to the Winmau Masters and the qualifying event for the Lakeside world championships. I hope one day the NZDC can offer that to the NZ number 1 lady and man. Where there is a will there is a way. Perhaps offer to the number one players with some financial help and see if the regions and associations can make up the difference. Lillian Barnett did win the Winmau Masters for NZ back in the day.

This is an opinion piece and not a criticism of the NZDC who I think do a great job considering our distance from some of the international venues and the cost to get players there.

I recently met a NZ trampoline coach who had travelled to Birmingham this year with a NZ team of 9 to take part in the world championships. She told me it cost about $5000 per competitor to get them there and it was all funded by the individual players clubs who ran sausage sizzles , raffles and quiz nights. Also competitors families helped. They had no Government money or sponsors. Grants she said had dried up in the present economic climate. I think the passion is there to get our players overseas if the regions and associations are given the chance to help.


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