Saturday, December 3, 2011

John and Grant win Auckland Champ Of Champ Pairs

John Sinclair and Grant McGregor won the Auckland Champ of Champ pairs defeating Tony Lee and Robert Grant in the final 4 to 2 held at the Otahuhu Working men's Club earlier today. The event is straight start and played under NZDC rules. John and Grant won the bull and threw first. The first leg was finished by John with 52 in 21 darts. The second leg was won by Tony and Rob in 20 darts finishing with 25. The third leg was a 14 darter by John and Grant. The fourth leg an 18 darter by Tony and Rob. The fifth leg was the turning point. John and Grant finished in 24 darts but not before Tony and Rob had a number of shots on a doubles amongst them a 122 finish by Rob which on the final dart hit the 25 instead of the bull. The final leg gave John and Grant the throw and they finished in 16 darts with Grant hitting double tops to seal it.
There were 18 qualifiers. Third equal were Mal Berry and Dave Ellis of Auckland District RSA's and Mike Collett and Brian Oliver also of Auckland District RSA's.
There were 16 x 180. Mike Collett had the most with three. The highest finish was John Sinclair with 142.
The best darts I saw were in the earlier rounds when John and Grant threw a 13 darter. John threw 7 consecutive perfect darts with 180, 180 and one dart in double 4 to win.


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