Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instinctive Archery Insights

Recently I read Instinctive Archery Insights, accelerated learning through applied psychology, cure target panic by Jay Kidwell, Ph.D. If you are interested in some good mental techniques to help you overcome nerves or maybe dartitis or improve concentration and focus during a game I would recommend this book as being very helpful.
It is an archery book and some chapters deal with archery technique but others deal the reasons why we miss, imagery and visualisation, confidence breeding success. There is a section on target panic which offers a cure if you are having problems with nerves at crucial moments in games. It discusses instinctive shooting rather than thinking too much and offers methods to achieve this.
One chapter I found interesting was the one titled Dominant Eye Fallacy. I was told to throw in a line from your dominant eye. This is a technique taught to archers and to rifle and pistol shooters. The author has a different view on this which is worth exploring.
Below is an extract from the section titled Why We Miss.
' It is quite possible that when we think we have missed we have not missed at all. The problem was that the subconscious was aiming at ( and hit) a different target than the conscious was aiming at. Stimulus confusion can occur when you are focused on what you do not want to to hit as intensely as you are focused on what you do want to hit. The subconscious then finds it difficult to discriminate which focus area is the actual target. The best way to avoid stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination problems is to visualize and imaginary icon ( a red dot, the letter A, a button, etc.) on the target.'
I got my copy from Amazon.com. I have not seen if for sale in NZ. If anyone wants to lend it let me know and you can borrow it. It is a boomerang though.


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