Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can Frog Do It ?

Warren ( Frog) French from Asburton is the NZ representative at the PDC World Championships in London this year. This will be the third time Warren has played in the championship. In 2007 he lost to James Wade 3 to 1 in the first round. In 2009 he won his preliminary round game against Akihiro Nagakawa of Japan and then played Dennis Priestly in the first round and was beaten 3 to 0.
No New Zealander has ever got past the first round. I spoke to Warren after the Club NZ championships in July and he told me he wanted to be the first kiwi to win a first round match. Knowing him I am sure he has been preparing hard to do just that.
He has to win a preliminary round game against Connie Finnan of Ireland to get to the first round. If successful he would then play later that same evening Mark Walsh of England. All games are on Sky TV. Warren plays at 8.15 pm on Sunday December 18th in England which I think will be Monday morning the 19th December NZ time.
Warren at his best is capable of winning both games but it is a tall order to get past an English professional who has tough competition year round. I will be watching and have my fingers crossed.


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