Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preview Levin Open

The Levin Open is being held this Sunday at the Levin Cosmopolitan Club in Levin. This is the last NZDC tournament of the year. Last years winner was Koha Kokiri in the men's and in the ladies it was Lorene Earnshaw.

It being the last tournament of the year there will be a bit of competition to see who holds the number 1, number 2 and number 3 rankings for the men's and ladies for the NZDC 2011 season. In the men's competition no one can beat Jonathan Silcock for the top spot no matter what the result. The competition for the second and third spot is more intense with players all the way down the list to number 7 Mike Day and number 9 Warren Parry having a chance to pick up one of the spots depending on results. I know Mike Day will be there but it would be a big surprise to see Warren Parry there as he does not travel much out of the South Island for NZDC tournaments.

In the ladies the competition is between Lorene Earnshaw, Janette Jonathan and Peggy Wikaira. No matter what the results those three ladies are the only ones who can have enough points to be 1, 2 or 3. Mihi Pike is the next closest but even if she won the tournament she can only make 4th.

Players who achieve a 1, 2 or three spot will get from the NZDC a certificate of achievement and a cash payment.

I will be there this weekend along with other players from the Auckland area. I will give an update of results when I get back. We are travelling down Friday and back Sunday night. I will post results on this blog Monday morning unless the NZDC beat me to it. Most of the time I can get the results out there a little faster.


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