Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cost Of Darts Exhibitions

Recently a friend of mine and I thought it mind be a good idea to get a dart professional from the UK to come to New Zealand and do some dart exhibitions. We send an e-mail to the Manager of Gary Anderson who is the current World number 4. We asked what it would cost. To get Gary and his manager to New Zealand was going to cost the price of two return airfares to the UK and 2500 pound( $5000 NZ) for each exhibition he did here. There had to be a minimum of 4 exhibitions which meant the total cost with airfares and accommodation was going to be around the $30,000 NZ mark. Of course if you are going to be a darts promoter you want to make a profit so in effect you need to make $35,000 NZ to make it worth while. You need a decent reward if you are going to commit to that level of risk. This would mean having to sell 1200 tickets at say $25 each to break even. Which is 300 people per exhibition at $25 a pop before you made a profit. Needless to say once we crunched the numbers we gave up on the idea. The cost was too prohibitive for a small market like NZ. The only way we will see the likes of Gary here will be if we had a PDC tournament with a good sum of money to be won or a dart manufacturer sponsored a visit to NZ as part of maybe a world tour. Till then we will be only able to see the professionals on TV. Below is a paragraph from an opinion piece I spotted on the dart site Dart, Beers and Cheers that echos our experience trying to get an exhibition.

" Some players can make a fair few quid doing exhibitions - although there are discussions now between fans and those who organise exhibitions; are players starting to price themselves out of the market? I know that(very roughly) Phil Taylor can charge 5000 pound an event (plus VAT at 20%), and other top pro's are now charging 2000 pound plus. So that is a nice fee for a night's work if you can get it, but how long can the darts scene support that sort of charge? If an organiser/venue gets a couple of players for 4000 pound, they've got to sell a lot of 10 pound tickets to break even! So they have to charge 20 pound plus and that is not far from going to a PDC tournament. It is a different feel, but it is getting that un-official events in pubs are more expensive than a night at the premier league. It will be interesting to see how that goes!"


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