Friday, October 28, 2011

Mosgeil 5000 Cancelled for 2012

The New Zealand Dart Council has announced that the NZ ranked Mosgiel 5000 dart tournament hosted by the Mosgiel Darts Association has been cancelled for 2012. It was usually held in February. This is a disappointment to the players who used to play in it. Some travelled from as far as Auckland to compete. The player numbers were never as high as the North Island tournaments. Perhaps the smaller numbers did not make it financially viable. No one has offered a reason officially as to why it is cancelled. The NZDC are to meet very soon and I hope they can find another tournament to take its place. I know there was a good tournament being run in the Taranaki area that wanted official recognition from the NZDC and ranking points. Hopefully the NZDC will look at adding that tournament or another to the circuit.
In my opinion the NZDC should have more NZDC ranking tournaments. If the tournaments are well run and financially viable why not. If we want our top players to perform at an international level we need to create a domestic competition that is tough and highly competitive to lift the general standard of play. The more opportunity the top players are given to play each other the better. The more money offered as prize money the better as it means the better players can cover travel, entry and accommodation expenses which in turn encourages more travel and more competition.


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