Saturday, October 22, 2011

Early Results From Dunedin

Friday Night: Winner men's pairs Barry Lettington and Duane Te Raki, Runner up Stan Westwood and Tony Karmichael. Winner Ladies Pairs Jane Harrington and Jenny Shepherd, Runners up Peggy Wikaira and Karli Padget.

Saturday Dunedin Open: Men's winner Tony Karmichael. Runner up Jonathan Silcock. Third equal Barry Lettington and Jason Ladbrooke. Ladies Winner Ripeka Te Moananui, Runner up Rachael Padget, third equal Peggy Wikaira and Val Henry. 38 men's entries and 15 ladies.

The mixed pairs played on Sunday was won by Peggy Wikaira and Steve Padgett. It was a two life competition. Peggy and Steve won both lives. It was the second time Peggy has won this mixed pairs and the first time Steve has won it. Peggy won it once before a few years ago with Stan Westwood.


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