Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Controversey At the Darts

Not very often but every now and again you get a moment in a dart tournament or a dart match where something unusual happens and it starts a disagreement and sometimes an argument between players over a playing rule. I witnessed such an incident yesterday evening whilst Captaining the Onehunga Working Men's team in a Theo Meyer Challenge match against Manurewa RSA at the Onehunga Working Men's Club, The Mall Onehunga.

An Onehunga pair were playing a Manuwera pair. It was the first leg. Onehunga had 16 left and Manurewa had 15 left. It was Onehunga's turn to throw. The Onehunga player aimed for double 8 and threw his first dart. The dart landed on the outside of the wire and was a zero score. His next dart hit double 8. The player could not see that his dart was in because it was so close to the first dart. The chalker did not signal the dart being in because he could not see as the first dart was blocking his view. The player thinking the second dart had missed also threw a third dart which hit a single 8. He went to retrieve his darts and found he had hit the double with his second dart. The chalker agreed and was giving the leg to Onehunga.

Then some of the Manurewa RSA players began to object. They claimed the third dart hitting the single 8 had bust the score. The dispute regarding the rule went on for about ten minutes and game could not be carried on because Manurewa would not back down and continue to play.

I had to tell my players, even though I thought them correct, to play the leg as Manurewa wanted it. Onehunga were given the score 16 and Manurewa 15. Manurewa threw first. As it turned out Onehunga won the leg and it did not have a material result on the outcome of the match.

The Clubs NZ rule states ' Any dart thrown by a player after scoring the required finishing double shall not be counted as part of the score. The leg, set or match concerned is concluded by the dart scoring the required double.

The NZ Dart council rule is almost exactly the same stating ' Any darts mistakenly thrown by a player after scoring the required double shall not be counted as the respective leg, set or match is concluded by the dart scoring the required double".

The match was won by Manuwera RSA 11 to 10. Their next challenge is against Mt Wellington at a date in November.


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