Friday, September 16, 2011

Preview Auckland Open 2012

Peter Page, Treasurer, West City Darts Association stated ' Preparations are well under way for the Auckland Open to be held tomorrow at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. This is the first time the event has been given a World ranking and we want to make sure everything is perfect for the day. We are putting up 23 brand new Puma boards and getting a P A system installed. Last year we had 82 men entered and 38 ladies. How many we get this year is a bit of a mystery. All the tournaments I have been to throughout NZ have been down on numbers from previous years I am hoping this is not the case with ours. The World ranking makes it a truly international event and I know some players from Australia are coming and nearly all the NZ team. Plus as I have been around the country I have spoken to many players from the Wellington and Lower North Island area who intend to come. Last years men's singles was won by Cyndric Joyce who was an unregistered player and you might say came from the bush in that he caught the more well known players by surprise. He played magnificently and I would not be surprised if he is back again. Janette Jonathan won the ladies singles last year and will be back with other previous winners Lorene Earnshaw and Peggy Wikaira. Craig Caldwell and Richard Te Whero who have won the men's previously will be back. Check in must be done by 10.30 am. The same applies for the Sunday News Mixed threes on Sunday. Last year there were 45 teams and I am expecting the same or better this year. These tournaments are open and all players and spectators are welcome. There will be 8 seeded players in each event taken from the top 50 of the World ranking list and then the NZDC ranking list. All qualifying games will be best of 5.'


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