Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dart Maker

Earlier this month when I was in Hastings playing at the Puma Open held at the National Service Club I met Tony Downes of the Petone Working Men's Club. Tony is a tool maker by trade as was his father and brother. He is retired now being nearly 80 I think. He has been a dart player for 60 years and is well known in RSA darts. For the last twenty years he has been making darts to order. He charges $65 a set and an additional $5 for postage. If you want Tony to make you a set his contact details are below. Just send him a drawing or talk to him about what you want. Tony imports the tungsten rods from England and will machine them to your specifications and get them to 0.1 of a gram accuracy.
Tony Downes, 7 Pearce Crescent, Taita South, 045671589, 021 324849, On the e-mail address I am not sure if beltempest should be upper or lower case so try both ways if one doesn't work.


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