Monday, September 12, 2011

APDE Pairs Results

Gary Whyte and Terry Constable won the men's APDE pairs held at West City Darts Association club rooms on Sunday 11th September 2010. They defeated Robert Grant and Tony Lee in the final. The ladies winners were May Houkamau and Maxine Taaka who defeated Mata Atuo and Helena Mitchell. There were 36 mens teams and 31 ladies teams.
In the consolation Mal Berry and Dave Ellis defeated Les McFarlane and Ron Jessup. In the ladies consolation Maine Ngametua and Colleen Curreen defeated Faye Shearsby and Robina Cameron.
13 x 180's were scored. Steve Hanley, the Pirate, scored the most with three. Cody Harris had the highest start for men with 160 and Hun Tepaki had 136 for the ladies. Rod Henry had the highest finish for the men with 148 and Hun Tepaki had the highest for the ladies with 128.
Coming up next weekend is the Auckland Open and Sunday News Mixed Threes. Check in for both events is 9.30 am to 10.30 am. The Open is on Saturday and the Mixed Threes on Sunday. Most of the NZ team is expected and there is a rumour some of the top Australians will be coming. Hopefully us Kiwis can send them home with no money.


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