Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Victory Results

SINGLES: Winner Richard Te Whero, runner up Brendan Deed. Consolation winner Tumoe Tai. Runner up Herbie Rollo.

PAIRS: Winner Ken Moir and Greg West. Runner up Mike Blaikie and John Algar. Consolation winner Jo Kinita and Rita Wells. Runner up Tarina Lord and Nick Jatlov.

FOURS: Brendan Deed, Jeff Harold, Lloyd Tomkin, Carlos McKinlay. Runner up Mike Collett, Tere Tou, Gary Ngatai and George Gardiner. Consolation winner Anna Armitage, Deano Pulkowski, Peter Rudolph and Tania Depree. Runner up PJ Morrell, Moana Matanga, Steve Shano and Muriel.

FURTHEREST LADY: Anna Neho and Vaine Tuatara

FURTHEREST LADY PAIRS: Vaine Tuatara and Sandra Melgers

FURTHEREST LADY FOURS: Rogere Te Whero, Faye Shearsby, Sandra Mathews and Alice White.

FIRST 180: Rex Harper.

FIRST Lady 180: Gail Taylor.

FIRST 170 start: Lou Tai.

170 FINISH: Tumoe Tai.

FIRST 171: Rina Coady.

HIGHEST START: Taffy Pugh 170

HIGHEST LADIES START: Trish Collins 156.

HIGHEST FINISH: Tumoe Tai 170.


MOST 180's: Mike Collett x 3


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