Sunday, May 1, 2011

Players Entered For Region 2 Playoffs

The following players have been entered by their associations for the Region 2 playoffs to select an Auckland team for the NZDC Nationals in Nelson. The men's play off will be held at West City Darts Association clubroom's on 8/5/11 with 9.30 am check in. The ladies will pay the same day at Cosmos Darts Association with same check in. The top ten men and top ten ladies after a round robin play off of one leg 701 will be the team.
Sonny Harris, Cody Harris, Robert Grant, Ray Tonga, Barry Kapa, Dinx Cassidy and Marsh Tamatea of the South Auckland Darts Association.
Wilson Henry and Dion Kini of the Cosmos Darts Association.
Sam Bryant, Willie Hopokingi, Willy Akau, Tom Williams, Barry Blucher of the Counties Darts Association.
Mark Skinns, Casey Mathews, Tony Lee, Steve Hanley, Ken Moir, Mike Day, Jim Hennah and Mike Radford of the West City Darts Association.
Lynette Bennett and Nga Smyth of South Auckland Darts Association.
Sandra Mathews, Georgie Levi, Cherisse Kotze of the Cosmos Darts Association.
Malia Ioane, Maria Siavale, Lorene Earnshaw, Mata Atitoa, Ruth Blackwell, May Houkamu, Maxine Taaka and Rachel Phillips of the Counties Darts Association.
Loretta Hunter, Jeanette Scott, Maine Ngametua, Rita Wells, Gail Olliver, Colleen Cuneen, Jo Kinita and Sara Joseph of the West City Darts Association.

Players making the team are reminded by the Region 2 Secretary, Lorene Earnshaw that they are required to pay a $50 commitment fee. This money is paid back to the player when they arrive in Nelson.


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