Sunday, May 8, 2011

Region 2 Play Offs

Earlier today 21 players played at West City Darts Association club rooms a round robin of one leg of 701 to select a team of ten to represent Auckland at the NZDC national championships in Nelson during August. The top ten qualifiers in order were Mike Day, Cody Harris, Ken Moir, Tony Lee, Wilson Henry, Sam Bryant, Barry Kapa, Sonny Harris, Stephen Hanley and Tom Williams. The players elected Mike Day to be there Captain.There were 40 x 180's scored throughout the day. Ken Moir had the most with 8. Sam Bryant was second with 6. The ladies play off was at Cosmos Darts Association club rooms in Avondale. The top ten qualifiers were Nga Smyth, Lorene Earnshaw, Maria Johnson, Maria Siavale, May Houkamu, Malia Iaone, Rita Wells, Maine Ngametua, Rachel Phillips and Mata Atitoa. Lorene Earnshaw is the Captain.


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