Sunday, October 10, 2010

West City Play NSW Touring team

West City Darts Association played a team led by Mark Luckwell from New South Wales Australia On Friday night and again earlier today at the West City City clubrooms in Ranui. Mark's team was coming to the end of a tour of the North Island having played in Wellington, Gisborne, Rotorua and Palmerston North before coming to Auckland. On Friday night a round robin pairs competition was played against the eight Australians ending in an 18 all draw. Today a pairs and singles format resulted in a 24 to 21 win from West City. Though the games were competitive it was mainly a social occasion. West City put down a hangi for the visitors and this was enjoyed by all.

Mark had this to say about his teams tour of NZ " I brought a team of friends from OZ. My main objective was to show them how darts is played in N.Z. In Australia we are much more reserved. There is no way that music is ever played while there is a game on. People as a general rule are quiet and do not talk much to their opposition. It is not so much as being ignorant as following a tradition of playing darts and not too much emphasis is placed on camaraderie of playing against each other. These last 9 days have been a learning curve for all of us. From Wellington on Oct 1 till today there has been nothing but warmth, love and respect shown to me and my group. Nothing has been too much of a problem and we are certainly appreciative of everything that has been done for us. Personally I had an inkling of how we would be received but I took enormous pride in how my group adapted to out guests and how they also appreciated everything that was done for us. I sincerely believe that we Aussies have much to learn from our neighbours from this side of the Tasman, The infrastructure, support and approach to the game of darts far out weigh how darts are played at home. We truly have much to learn from our neighbours on this side of the Tasman. Perhaps ad-hoc trips like the one I organised may show my fellow country men a better way of approaching the game than we do at present. I know our group have been inspired. In finishing on behalf or our group I would like to thank each one of every one of you from West City for your friendship and hospitality it is appreciated by us all".

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  1. Hi Viv, can i just say once again how wonderful your clubs hospitality was towards us over the weekend (8th-10th Oct), the Hungi (my 1st ever) was very much appreciated thx Alan for your hard work,all the games were played in a wonderful spirit as was all our games on the trip, we are still talking about it all and very much look forward to hopefully catching up with you guys in the years to come, i'll be keeping a watch on your website from now on with great interest to follow your clubs hopeful success in the near future and beyond, to young Bailey you are a wonderful young kid who we all think has a great future in darts, you have a great talent but more importantly a great personality all the best to you in the future, take care all my new found West City Darts Club friends throw the dart straight and true, all the best Bazza and Franny