Sunday, February 21, 2010

Manurewa 100 Results

Ken Moir and Wilson Henry won the Manurewa 1000 two person tournament held earlier today at the Manurewa Cosmopolitan, Manurewa. They defeated Sonny Matekurae and Chris Taylor in the final.

There were only 11 entries, which must have been disappointing to the organisers. Six teams qualified. Ken and Wilson defeated Richard Te Whero playing with Monty Tuhua, John Sinclair playing with Neil Francis on the way to the final. Chris and Sonny defeated Mike Day playing with his son David and Ray Tonga playing with Robert Grant.

There were 15 180's scored. Ken hit 5 and had the most for the men. Vaine Tuitara hit one which was the most for the women. John Sinclair had the highest finish with 170.
Match report Steve Holt.


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