Monday, October 26, 2009

Wazza Wins Oceanic Masters

Warren Parry won the Oceanic Masters for the third time yesterday at the Otahuhu Working Men's Club, Auckland by defeating Preston Ridd in the final 7 to 1. This is the third time that Warren has won this title and it will be the third time he will travel to England to play in the PDC world championships. No New Zealander has got past the first round of this prestigious championship but Warren has come the closest. All Warren's expenses are to be paid and even if he looses his first round match he receives 6000 pound in prize money.

Sixteen players qualified for the main round. They were John Sinclair, Shane Tichowitsch (Aus), Richie Komene, Stan Motutere (Aus), Warren Parry, Barry Kapa, Steve MacArthur (Aus), John Dodunski, Preston Ridd, Mick Lacey, Rob Szabo, Richart Te Whero, Warren French, Toko Hazel, Bernie Smith and Craig Caldwell.

Warren's closest game was in the semi final against John Sinclair. John was in fine form in the first two legs winning with first a 161 finish then double eight. The third leg become pivotal when John on 61 hit triple 15 and missed two darts at double eight. Warren won that leg and seemed to go to another level winning 5 legs in a row before John pulled one back to make the score 5 to 3. In the next leg both Warren and John had trouble hitting the final double with Warren prevailing after several turns. John had played well scoring three 180's but it wasn't enough.