Friday, July 24, 2009

Peggy and Ken Prevail

Peggy Wikaira and Ken Moir won the ladies and men's West City Club singles respectively Thursday evening at the West City Darts Association club rooms in Ranui to gain club representation in the Auckland Provincial Dart Executive singles by defeating all comers.

Ken was undefeated on the night winning all his 5 qualifying games and then beating Mike Day and Stephen Holt in the knockout rounds before meeting Paul Williams in the final. In the first leg Ken blasted away with successive scores of 140, 140, 60 and 137 before loosing his way a bit and finishing on 3. Paul was left on 41. In the second leg the pattern was the same with Ken scoring 140, 121, 60, 100 before finally finishing on 40. Ken was unsure if he would represent West City in the A.P.D.E. singles as he in the past has had the opportunity to represent the City of Sails and Auckland District RSA's in this prestigious event. Stephen Holt, Paul Williams and Moe Charlie will represent West City In the A.P.D.E. singles with one possible other.

Peggy had a slightly more rocky way to the ladies final loosing her first game in qualifying against Gail Olliver but managed to win the remainder and then beat Sarah Joseph in the final 2-0. Peggy will represent West City in the A.P.D.E. singles along with Gail, Sarah and Lou Williams.

Stephen Holt 1 x 180

Paul Williams 1 x 180

Alan Rogers 1 x 180

Ken Moir 2 x 180

Daniel Smith 1 x 180